Sunday, December 25, 2016

Listen to "Mega Spinz & Friends" on Spreaker.

Mega Spinz And Friends featuring : Keevy Kev, Geno Raw, Killa, Mac 11, JackBoy JJ, Polo Zay
Chris Savage, Max Pain, Jak Knotes, E. Gudda, Van Laurren, Saucy Ruthless, Jody Bee, Steel and A.R.

1.Medicine Ft: JackBoy x Van Laurren
2.Xtra Ft: Killa
3.Dirty Weekend Ft: Jak Knotes x Simply Complex
4.G.G.S Ft: MAC 11
5. L.I.E Loyalty Is Envy Ft: Mega Spinz 
6.Love Me Ft: Gino Raw
7.I’m Yours Ft: Mega Spinz 
8.What The Hell You Doing Ft: Polo Zay 
9.My Life Ft: Mega Spinz 
10.I’m On It Ft: Keevy Kev
11.Continue 2 Do It Ft: E.Gudda, Killa, Max Payne, x Mega Spinz 
12.They Don’t Wanna See Me Ball Ft: Jody Bee
13.Swurve Ft: A.R
14. Best Kept Secret Ft; Saucy
15.Outro Ft: Steel x Mega Spinz 

Thank You For the support #HappyHolidays #wsgz #grindhouse 

S/0 2 Every Artist that contribute to this release, Is Most appreciated. #Salute

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