Thursday, June 18, 2015

WSGZ Rising Stars: Biea Da Rsonist

In 2015. This, we are told, is the year female rappers are going to break their way back into the mainstream, ending a long period of silence for women in the industry. Biea has a promising future with her very melodic voice with bars of perfection. I am sure, however, that the perennial discussions about whether, at long last, we will see a resurgence of women artists within the hip-hop industry raise important questions.

While there are plenty of talented women rapping today, you'd be hard pressed to name them if your sense of the industry is shaped by radio rotations, music videos, or Billboard charts. WSGZ Has catering to the female artist by promoting many such as Biea. Biea Da Rsonist is the "Truth" what WSGZ Director P.Rivera states. With songs like "What You Waiting For, Repay Me, and Ben Franklin you can hear the versatility in Biea's talent.

This is one Female Artist to look out for in the future. You can listen her music all over the internet the links are below and contact info.
BIEA INFO: (BEE-A-aah) da, R’son-ist

Dope Female Rap Artist, Columbus OHIO

Booking: 614-517-8385


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