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Not much money to Promote or Advertise YOUR MUSIC PROJECT? No? Then please read on.

Want to get your Hip/Hop, Funk, Jazz/Funk, Soulful House and Garage, Neo Soul ; whether it is a single track, Mixtape, Album or the Groups/Bands WEBSITE played to or read by a World Market? Marketing or Advertisng your product, company or business? Well if this is the case then please continue reading.

The Blast Off  Show is the leading resource of unsigned artist to get exposure in 2015 .
The show prides its self in being the #1 Station that plays ever submission.

The show has become a well known staple for many to listening to from around the world which would include countries such as Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom to Argentina and from South Africa to Russia.

Want to get your music project heard on the Blast Off Show?

Wouldn't you like to break your music Single track, MixTape, Album release or Music Website within these areas of the world?
It is these same areas in which the Blast Off Show has finally broken into years before?

Please consider this. The Commercial radio industry organization couldn’t care less about the Independent musician. Sounds Harsh, but its true. However, that doesn't mean there isn't some significant radio airplay available to you if you know what you’re doing and want.

Once again when it comes to commercial radio, the chances of getting significant national airplay for your independent record are next to none.

Why? Well I will tell you. We live in an era when a small group of powerful media conglomerates own and control the most important radio stations in the land. Unless you are connected to a major label, or are independently wealthy, the costs of promoting your songs nationally to commercial radio have spiraled out of sight.

There will be a lot of work involved in finding these stations yourself, city by city, and music format by music format. So I suggest you join up with the Blast Off Show – WWW.WSGZRADIO.COM and  WWW.SPREAKER.COM/SHOW/SPINZ.COM

The Website and Radio show is read and listen to all over the world. WSGZ specializes in playing the many modern styles of music that is loved all over the world. From Soul to Hip/Hop, Rock to Trap music.
Short on money to budget your Advertising or Marketing Campaign?

If you have a hefty supply of money to invest in radio promotion it's possible to hire an independent promoter who may be able to open some doors to these shows for you. Be prepared to spend several hundred a week for their services.

One important rule that I must stress about securing ANY airplay: If you have NOT made your music available via stores (either through traditional distributors or distribution into online stores like iTunes or then FORGET IT. What's the point?

***If a station plays your RECORD and the your Radio Listeners LIKE YOUR MUSIC - However they can't find it within their FAVOURITE ONLINE STORE - then they will NOT BE ABLE TO BUY your music. So please get a DISTRIBUTION DEAL in place first. Once you have sorted out your DISTRIBUTION side of the business then its time to look for a Radio Station.***

"If you are looking to promote your pending Album, Mixtape Ep, Website or Music Business please contact us. We can help through the show and through the website. Please contact us"

This is where the Blast Off Show then comes into play.
Interested? Then please contact us for further details on:
So that we can discuss the matter further with you.

"If you are looking to promote your pending Album, Mixtape Ep, Website or Music Business please contact us. We can help through the show and through the website. "Please contact us"


Spinz on WSGZ

Payment Options
Ads with Audio

30 sec   $25
60 sec    $50
180 sec $100
2 minutes $125

All ads run for 4 weeks.

Payment Options
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