Monday, June 29, 2015

WSGZ Artist Promotional Submissions

 WSGZ has came up with a cross effective solution for those interesting in being promoted @WSGZ. Simply send your promotions to   All entries will be promoted on show to show basis.

Thank You WSGZ

     *** All Promotional submission are subject to pay $50.00 for entry.*** RISING STARS PROMO

WSGZ Promo

***Effective 7/01/2015 All INTERVIEWS AND GUEST are subject to pay $75.00 interviewer's fee***

WSGZ Due to scheduling conflicts and missed calls WSGZ will no longer interview without fee procedure. INTERVIEW PROMO

Interviewer's Guest Fee
***Effective 7/01/2015 All Interviews are subject to pay $75.00***
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