Thursday, June 4, 2015

Congratulations To Syck Flow Coast 2 Coast : THE INDIE TOP 100

Congratulations To Syck Flow Coast 2 Coast : THE INDIE TOP 100

Raised as a Chicago native, artist Syck Flow was born to pursue a career in the music biz . After being officially given the name because of his unique rhythmic flow, Syck spent a lot of time in the dirty south. (South Carolina) that is, up top in Connecticut and in the mid-west Chicago. His style is a reflection of the three places he once called home. Now a days, the studio is his home as he is formulating a collection of songs that will best introduce and in some cases re-introduce him to today's music scene. With talent and energy to spare Syck has begun his journey as an artist. What makes him so exceptional? He is not like other artists in the game, his flow is versatile, and unique. He can flow on any beat or tempo.

Fast or slow as well as perform on any music industry genre. At his young age and hardworking background, he is looking to be around for a while definitely making a permanent mark in this industry. By the way, when he's not in the booth, he can be found with a pen and a pad on a stoop, standing on a corner free styling with fellow friends and artist or on his cell phone writing his next hot commercial hit. With all that has been said, get ready for Syck Flow!

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