Sunday, May 17, 2015

NY Rapper Chinx Shot and Killed in Queens Today

Rapper Chinx Drugz was shot and killed early Sunday morning in a drive-by.
It happened in Queens NY at around 4 AM.  Police found 2 victims in a car, one who whom was Chinx, who was shot multiple times in the torso.  
The 31-year-old is a member of French Montana's Coke Boys.  Chinx big song is "I'm a Coke Boy" which features French.

The second victim, who was shot in the back, has been hospitalized.  He's in critical condition.
Cops are on the hunt for the shooter.
Lionel Pickens, known in the music world as Chinx Drugz (or just Chinx) has reportedly been killed by a gunman in Queens around 4 am this morning. The ABC 7 report on the shooting initially contained murky details, but was recently updated to confirm that it was the 31-year old New York native whose life was taken. Since the story first broke this morning, there has been an outpouring of support on Twitter from many of Chinx’s colleagues, including Meek Mill, Shaheem Reid, and others.
Chinx has steadily released music on the mixtape circuit for several years, but is best known for his work with his friend, and Coke Boys label boss French Montana, who collaborated with him on his two biggest records, “I’m A Cokeboy” and “Feelings,” both of which still get an immense response from New York crowds when they’re performed, despite being several years old.

His latest project, Coke Riot 5, was released this past December.
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