Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Doca Records Artist Koulie on The #Rise

 Doca Records has been on a hot pursuit for Platinum, Home of the legendary MyQuan Jackson actor/singer and they newest addition Koulie. Atlanta is home to the brightest rising stars and Koulie is talented enough to shift a whole coast. Below is a short bio of this newcomer to the game.

 Is there such thing as "nothing's new under the sun" when it comes to arts and one of its forms, music? History proved that new things like creations and inventions can always come even from things in the industry you thought you have heard and knew. Speaking of which, in the hip-hop land comes a very special talent you should know of: Richard "Koulie" Glass. This man experienced ups and downs. Sometimes life treats him unfair. Yet he decides to turn it into positive energy that drives him to be a much wiser person. Utilizing his gift and the musical influences even before he was born, he crafts a ghetto hip-hop music that illuminates the American cultures while keeping his Trenchtown roots alive.

 It’s true that the combination of these two cultures is not new anymore, but Koulie’s works still sound original, which he found by being true to his self. He fluently raps in American way, he masters the technique (along with cool skill in draggin' and twistin') that flies over the strong hip- hop beat plus tasty Jamaican flow in his songs. Speaking of gimmick, Koulie has a strong ghetto credential and good in shouting his life out in lyrics. Not to complain in negative vibes but to send the message of courage especially to those who experience the hard, struggling life like he does.He may still be new to the mainstream industry but the truth is, he’s not so new to the underground.

 He has bagged positive response ever since he performed life at local clubs in Atlanta when he was just 16. Ever since then, he’s experienced in pouring his heart and soul, all naturally, both in music and lyrics. Koulie wishes to contribute to make the world a better place. For that, he will continue to motivate and uplift the spirits of everyone who are experiencing the circumstances that seems have no hope.

 Rap and hip-hop as a form of culture accommodates straightforward messages that can be easily understood by everyone. In the hands of talented and potential young man like Koulie, the rich, ghetto rapping songs can give a big impact for a better future. Think of a young man driven by passion and positive energy, think of Koulie.

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