Saturday, October 22, 2011

WSGZ Next Up!!!! Papa Country

Papa Country is from the city of Brunswick, Georgia in the country part of the city where we stayed on dirt roads and in trailers,so when i moved to Jacksonville, Florida, my nickname came along because no one could understand what i was saying..i represent Trouble Squad Ent in Jacksonville, Florida. the type of music i make, i call it "Storytellin'" basically a vivid mental picture of lyrics over a beat. People say there's not any lyricists from the south but i have to show people, beneath all the bullshit and whackness on the radio, true hip hop artists are down here. im just a diamond in the filthiness known as the dirty south aha.
By the way the favorite of my fans are "Day Dreamin and "Life" but they're all good in my opinion.Hear Papa Country on WSGZ Radio.
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