Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gina La Diva - Last To Know

Many People only Dream of becoming stars but it is a small few that are born that way. Gina La Diva is a prime example of a resilient natural born star that sets her goals high and takes on challenges full speed ahead at whatever cost. Born Eugenia Alicea in Springfield, Massachusetts she was raised by her mother, a single parent. Being one of six children in her family caused her to be an introvert who sat in the corner mimicking popular songs of the time and memorizing commercial jingles she heard on the radio. She began to sing at the age of 6 in school functions as well as writing songs and poems at the age of 11. It was not until the 9th grade when she attended the School of the Performing Arts that she began proper vocal training. From there she improved on her skills. Gina was a member of many choirs including gospel chorus and performed in a play titled Mamma I Want to Sing.In 2007 Gina competed on the 7th season of American Idol. She made it through several cuts beating out thousands of contestants after being told that her voice was angelic but after being told that her over all image reminded them of Jordan Sparks she was sent home. That never stopped Gina from doing what she's always loved to do. In 2010 she was the opening act for Rick Ross and Elephant Man. Meeting their management lead her to open for K. Michelle and Melanie Fiona. Doors keep opening up for Gina. She has set a name for herself by singing in both English and Spanish.


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