Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Eric Allen from Decatur, Alabama. My debut hit single is entitled "CirocLife" Whats up Diddy!!! My music has its own style and is different fromall other artists. Music has become more than a talent for me, it’s alifestyle. When I first had a vision for “Ciroc Life” I hadnoticed the lifestyle myself and the people around me had been living andthe easiest way to explain it was through this song. To me, Ciroc is asymbol of so many things including big money, the most elaborate clubs,fast cars, beautiful women and most importantly business. “CirocLife” symbolizes all these things and many more. “CirocLife” is the anthem of the lifestyle every American tries to live. Welive in a society where hip-hop artists and professional athletes are ourgreatest idols and these idols are without a doubt the definition of“Ciroc Life”.

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