Monday, August 15, 2011

WSGZ: Synagodz Radio Welcomes: Colby Bright

Colby Bright is a 25 year old unsigned hip hop artist out of Montgomery, Tx. Inspired by music at a young age has developed a very lryrical, reality based flo over the years portraying life as he knows it. Over the years consistently working hard to build a resume,he has received online radio play. and has been featured on countless unsigned hype mixtapes, including notables such as DJ Green Lantern. Also having released 10-12 mixtapes with Knuckle Up Records and 4 solo mixtapes, he has traveled around the country, done countless shows, interviews and more. Back again bringing you his 6th solo mixtape and latest project, "ALL OR NOTHING", believes he has everything set up in his favor for success. Currently working with many big name producers in the industry, music videos, movie soundtracks and more. Still young and not yet having reached his full potential, the future ahead is very bright. In his own words, "Im working hard every single day of my life until I achieve all of my goals. Shoutout to all the supporters and thank you. 936, LETS GO!!"

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