Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Synagodz Radio Worldwide Heavy Rotation Artist: Mercy

Synagodz Radio Worldwide Heavy Rotation Artist: Mercy

MERCY, which is my name since birth, born in Stamford CT but i was

raised from the age of 3 in Bridgeport CT and bounced between those two cities and some of my teenage years in Bronx NY. The love of music has been imbedded in me since i first heard instruments being played in church. I have now come to understand it was the passion that began burning since then. I was a poet from early on and never stopped writing whethere it was in journals or in class for projects. Inmiddle school I joined band (played the clarinet) and joined chorusalso I always participated in talent shows or any shows I could. Once out of high school life bought me to places where i wasn't asmusically involved but in my early 20's i realized that i could rapand i couldn't be stopped after that. I battled everyone and performed everywhere for my friends mostly. I'm currently recording my debut album which is not yet named. For the last year been performing live throughout CT and NY including the NuyoRican Poets Cafe in Manhattan.
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