Sunday, July 24, 2011

SoFie Mel Coming Soon To WSGZ Synagodz Radio Worldwide!!!!

From: Hartford Hip-Hop Music Examiner

Born in Hartford, Connecticut and raised in Greece for a good portion of her life; singer SoFie Mel has always been surrounded by music. Her newly released single, “We Got a Situation” is a sweet R&B track with a hip hop twist that has been played heavily on Hot 93.7, Connecticut's #1 hip hop station.

SoFie’s musical routes stem as far back as her childhood when she recalls being read poems, sang and hummed to by her uncle in Greece. “I was away from my parents who worked in the United States; music was soothing to me as a child.” Her large Greek family would sit around singing and telling humorous poems creating lasting memories for SoFie and in turn giving her a basis for her future dreams of pursuing music. When SoFie reconnected with her parents in the US, she began playing musical instruments such as the violin, trumpet and the baritone. Her ear for melodies allowed her to master the instruments quickly.

As a teen, SoFie recalls using music as an outlet away from her “dysfunctional” home life. She used writing poetry, listening to hip hop and R&B, dancing and singing as an escape from the reality of her parent’s divorce. About five years ago she was introduced to Milliano Conn Artist and began recording hooks. Being so impassioned with the art form, SoFie bought herself a keyboard and began making beats, and taking piano and voice lessons. Her drive and hard work is finally beginning to get noticed and her first track is being shared heavily on social networking sites such as Facebook.
Listen to SoFie Mel Exclusive Music on WSGZ Synagodz Radio Worldwide in the upcoming weeks.
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