Friday, July 15, 2011

Exclusive: The Cool Kids Drop Debut Project; Talk Mountain Dew Deal

(AllHipHop News) Last week, caught up with The Cool Kids to talk about their most recent single “Swimsuit,” which will be featured on their new project When Fish Ride Bicycles, which hit stores today (July 12th).

Chuck Inglish gave AllHipHop the inside scoop on the inner workings of their new label, as well as their new deal with Mountain Dew's Green Label.

in addition to what he has learned about the music industry, after a protracted battle with their previous label Chocolate Industries, almost sidelined the group.

“I’m not getting f**ked, I’m working with someone where they don’t want to be the New World Order of the music industry,” Chuck Inglish told in an exclusive interview.

After several years of fighting with their previous label, The Cool Kids will finally get a debut project to present to fans.

“There’s no egos, we got a couple of people that work in a whole different industry and with way more money than any f**king record label,” Chuck Inglish said of his new label owners. “They’re just offering up their services because they feel we are cool for their brand and they know that we can use some help."

Today (July 12th) is a date that has been several years in the making, after the Chicago based group was embroiled in a lawsuit with their former label Chocolate Industries.

Fans were given the chance last week to take a listen to their newest single “Swimsuit" featuring Mayer Hawthorne, which was released across the net on most major Hip-Hop websites and blogs.

“We started a whole generation of s**t and it gets mad play on XM, but it don’t get play on major radio, cause it’s a money game, it’s a whole system, its like walking into a bank," Chuck Inglish told "Then you have artists that are so happy to sign to labels where the office looks like a bank, its weary, ain’t a turntable, it ain’t a poster, it ain’t none of that s**t nowhere. Y’all signing with 50 or 60-year-old motherf**kers trying to be cool still.”

When Fish Ride Bicycles is in stores now.
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