Saturday, July 30, 2011

Allow Us To Introduce: Gin-Narell

Born and raised in The Bronx NY, Music became part of his life at a very young age. When he was 11 he was booked in several talent shows at high schools and venues around the city such as Cami Hall and victoria 5. The first one of which he was entered he won hands down, which is the beginning of his history. He comes from a very talented musical background. His first cousin is a member of Jive/RCA 90's platinum recording group "Hi-Five". Having this great privilege allowed him to experience to witness hard work, ups and downs and business of the music industry. Which makes fully prepared for any obstacle he needs to climb to reach his goals. He is a very versatile artist with a different variety of songs. He can give you the streets, make you want to party, touch on real issues or lyrically give you the truth. Currently spending time in Newport News VA. A growing area on the music scene. During his time away from home he has continued to hone his skills and associate himself with the hottest artist and producers which he is one himself, on the rise. At this point in he still hasn't reached his full potential, always challenging himself everyday to be the "GREATEST" anything else is unacceptable. He is beyond ready to share his passion for music with people from all walks of life.... Get ready world!!!!
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