Thursday, May 26, 2011


K.I. is one of the most talked about rap artist on the net. With his debut mixtape "I Want In" producing street hits such as "A Day In The Life", "Still the Same" and "Old School Cool" K.I. has solidified his status as someone to watch. He goes hard on every song as if it may be his last tme in the booth and this is why he has taken the internet by storm. Lyrically superior to the "one-and-done" rappers of today, he touches on subjects that other artists run from. K.I.'s gripping lyrics ring surprisingly true and paint vivid portraits of urban life beyond hanging on the block. He delivers hard street chronicles but also keeps the crowd moving with club anthems. With a flow reserved for the greats K.I. embodies the soul of a star. He has quickly become one of Hip Hop's most anticipated artist in some time. The journey starts now.
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